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I have a note on my desk that reminds me what Explaining History is for. It says:

“Create useful stuff for students and teachers”

And that’s what I am trying to do here. Each video or audio podcast is created for students to help them not just master modern history so they can get good pass marks, but to become fascinated by it. To become absorbed into it, enmeshed in it, connected to it. As we move away from the 20th Century (which my work is predominantly about), it becomes harder to understand this brutal and yet enigmatic period. The meaning of the 20th Century is highly contested and hard enough for professional academic historians to grapple with, let alone mere history teachers such as I.

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Investigating the 20th Century

Hitler, the Luftwaffe and the 'England Problem' – 1940 Explaining History

In the summer of 1940, German successes in Europe had been based on a very particular model of interaction between air and ground forces. The planned invasion of southern England and the seizure of London envisioned by Hitler presented the German airforce with entirely new problems. Some German commanders believed that the Luftwaffe alone could defeat the British, but it was Eric Raeder, the head of Hitler's navy, who wanted an amphibious invasion to showcase the power of the Kriegsmarine. Hitler offered a peace deal to the British, certain that it would be rejected, and instead embarked upon his first great failure, the Battle of Britain and the subsequent bombing campaign known as the Blitz. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  1. Hitler, the Luftwaffe and the 'England Problem' – 1940
  2. Grain seizures and famine during the Great Leap Forward
  3. Harold Wilson and MI6 – 1963-76
  4. De-Maoification 1976-1989
  5. The End by Ian Kershaw – Germany 1944-45
  6. Protest Music and Social Conflict in America (Part Two) 1967-70
  7. Deng Xiaoping and Neoliberalism with Chinese Characteristics 1978
  8. Espionage and the American Communist Party 1945-47
  9. Pravda and the Stalin's Terror – 1937
  10. Protest music and the social conflict in America 1967-70 (Part One)

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