The Jarrow March, 1936

Scenes from the Jarrow Crusade, 1936

By 1934, Britain appeared to have survived the worst effects of the great depression. Unemployment had begun to decline and new light industries in the south and the midlands had developed, supplying consumer goods for an affluent middle class. Britain’s economic problems were regionalised, however, and in the worst affected areas such as South Wales or Tyneside adult unemployment exceeded 70 percent. This podcast explores the response of the Jarrow ship workers, who look part in one of the many protest marches to London that were organised throughout the 1920s and 1930s. Their march, in 1936 received minimal support from the Trades Union Congress or the Labour Party, both worrying that they might be accused of radicalism by Britain’s Tory supporting right wing press.

You can hear the podcast here

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