Holocaust Day at Pencoed Comprehensive School

Here is a roundup of what I was talking about yesterday at Pencoed Comprehensive. Morality Hoess Here is a link to a podcast I recorded on Rudolf Hoess some time ago, it explains the moral problems surrounding his testimony and the book Commandant of Auschwitz) (Below is Hoess’s house as seen from Auschwitz One). EichmannContinue reading “Holocaust Day at Pencoed Comprehensive School”

The origins of Mao’s Cultural Revolution

In 1966, Mao staged a return to public life and attempted to wrest back control of the Chinese Communist Party following the disaster of the Great Leap Forward. He had been a marginal figure for four years since 1962, and in the mean time more pragmatic and less ideological figures such as Liu Shaoqi andContinue reading “The origins of Mao’s Cultural Revolution”