New Frontiers: Soviet Support for the early Chinese Communist Party

By Michael O’Sullivan, Explaining History Asia Correspondent.   The 21st century has been dubbed by some experts and observers as the “Asian Century” most especially with the dramatic rise of China in the global political and economic power structures since the 1980s. While initially founded as a Communist state following the Civil war in 1949,Continue reading “New Frontiers: Soviet Support for the early Chinese Communist Party”

Interview: Dr Alex Kay on The Making of an SS Killer

Most of the writing on individual perpetrators of the Holocaust focuses on senior figures (Hitler, Himmler, Goering being obvious examples) and the tier below them (Hans Frank, Reinhard Heydrich, Adolf Eichmann) as well as camp commanders such as Rudolf Hoess and Franz Stangl. Colonel Alfred Filbert is a name that will probably be unfamiliar toContinue reading “Interview: Dr Alex Kay on The Making of an SS Killer”

Holocaust Day at Pencoed Comprehensive School

Here is a roundup of what I was talking about yesterday at Pencoed Comprehensive. Morality Hoess Here is a link to a podcast I recorded on Rudolf Hoess some time ago, it explains the moral problems surrounding his testimony and the book Commandant of Auschwitz) (Below is Hoess’s house as seen from Auschwitz One). EichmannContinue reading “Holocaust Day at Pencoed Comprehensive School”